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Factory Tour

Here is a glimpse of the cutting-edge manufacturing process of Regal Kitchen Foods, one of the premier suppliers of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook food products. Through this video, we take you through an audio-visual tour of our fully automated manufacturing methodologies and our prowess in harnessing the latest food technologies such as retort packaging. We are committed to improving the quality and standard of our products. In our quest for safe and hygienic food, we conform to the highest standards of food security.

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Plantation Drive #WorldNatureConservationDay

Regal Kitchen Foods believes that the Earth is precious and that we should all do our share to conserve it. Regal Kitchen Foods organised a tree plantation drive in a nearby park to commemorate World Nature Conservation Day. Let us work together to protect the environment and achieve long-term sustainable development.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We always work hard to empower our community of workers, staff, vendors, and suppliers. Our key focus area is the eradication of global hunger. Amidst the pandemic, we have stood strong like pillars, extending our aid and help to people all across the globe. In the past, we have donated and contributed generously to the Kerala Floods, The Kathmandu Earthquake, and the Bihar floods. We believe that ‘community’ is religion. Towards this, Delhi Kitchen will continue to ensure equitable distribution of healthy and nutritious food to those in need.

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Rewards and Recognition

To support our organization’s true strength, we organized a rewards and recognition event. We are grateful for our workforce’s unwavering commitment to our company.

Cleanliness Drive

A strong country could only be built on the shoulders of cleanliness.
It is more important than ever to embrace the ideas of cleanliness, and Regal Kitchen Foods commits to keep our surroundings clean and green by supporting the Swachh Bharat Mission.

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Meal Donation

Cleanliness Drive

Diwali Celebration

Plantation Drive

Janmashtami Celebration