About Us


“Never underestimate the power of good food. Eating delicious food can be a life-changing experience” – Shon Mehta

We at Delhi Kitchen (Regal Kitchen is a parent brand) continue to remain, market trailblazers, as we pioneer high-quality, premium ready to eat meals. Our quest for providing quick and easily ready to eat meals reached fruition in the year 2008, when our founder Mr Manish Madan, along with our team of experts gave wings to the company. As we captured the global market space, our company witnessed an upward growth trajectory, being one of the most sought after brands for vegetarian ready to eat meals. Since then, Delhi kitchen (Regal Kitchen is a parent brand) has traversed the tricky marketplace amidst recessionary trends brought on by the Great Recession of 2008 and come out successful. With a clear vision, incisive focus and cutting-edge strategy, Mr Madan has shown remarkable and astute business acumen in steering the company. Along with our wide range of brands such as Taste Mate, Grain Hut and Pasta Zing, Delhi Kitchen (Regal Kitchen is a parent brand) has garnered worldwide prominence as a highly reputed and trusted brand amongst its customers in countries such as the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Norway, Canada, South Africa etc. Our supply chains have now become harbingers of prosperity with robust networking chains that control the chunk of our exports and imports. Our other services include private labeling to a staggering 11 international brands.

We remain firm and committed in our stance of proving hygienic, safe and high quality ready to eat meals. We are continuously harnessing technology to remain at the forefront of innovation. All our products are continuously evolving and have been specially curated with the help of Retort Technology. Our manufacturing units are conforming to 100% safety and hygienic standards. Through thought-provoking branding, we are able to give our customers tailor-made and exquisite delicacies that tickle their taste buds and have mass appeal.

Our meals cater to the international palate as we re-invent and make breakthroughs in organic ready to eat meals. These meals suit both our national and international customers. For fitness aficionados, we have a vast repertoire of low-calorie and low-carb, ready to eat meals that offer people the highest quality in the quickest and easiest way.


To Be The Preferred Supplier of Ready To Eat And Ready To Cook Vegetarian Food Products To The Leading Global Supermarket Chains, Government Institutions, Corporates, Hotels, Railways, Airlines, Restaurants & Caterers”


“To provide responsible and sustainable food products to our customers that help them grow revenues and enhance their brand loyalty & equity.”





Delhi Kitchen


Delhi Kitchen (Regal Kitchen Foods being the parent brand) promotes a culture that is committed towards building a network of alliances on the core values as listed below:


Why choose Delhi Kitchen

We are a brand that is socially conscious. We always strive to empower and uplift others. Our quest is to bridge the gap that exists in the masses when it comes to access to organic, vegan, and whole food products. We wish to make the planet a better place to live in.

No Compromise On Taste

Regal Kitchen Food services ensure that you will get a bang for your buck. There is no compromise on our quality and the signature taste of our food products.

Innovate To Feed

Regal Kitchen Foods believes in innovation and hence we are continuously working towards better and more sustainable food solutions that are a perfect blend of modernity, tradition, wholesome ingredients, recipes, and technology.

Better Finance Management

Through the supply of our food products, our clients have been able to bring their costs under control in terms of purchase rates, volatility, wastage, storage, and other hidden costs.

Better Time Management

Clients, who source our food products have been able to save their time and resources with greater efficiency.

Consistent Services

Regal Kitchen Foods ensures timely delivery of our scrumptious ready to eat meals and ready to cook food products. Our dishes are colorful, tasty, hygienic and score high on quality.